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Condensed RIBA Plan of Works 2013

The RIBA Outline Plan of Work organises the process of managing, designing building projects and administering building contracts into a number of convenient work packages, 0 - 7. Architects services and fees are usually based on these stages.

These stages are further defined in greater detail to outline key tasks and delivery dates, for example scheduling planning application and building regulation submissions, reviewing design and construction strategies etc. where applicable.

Stage 0 Is particularly relevant in the context of sustainability, when a refurbishment or extension, or indeed a rationalised space plan, may be more appropriate than a new building.

Stage 1 Relates to carrying out preparation activities and briefing in tandem and emphasises the need to properly assemble the project team.

Stage 2 Concept Design - initial concepts developed

Stage 3 The Developed Design will be co-ordinated and aligned with the Cost Information by the end of Stage 3. This may not increase the amount of design work required, but extra time will be needed for the lead designer to review information and for making any changes arising from any comments that are made.

Stage 4 Comprises the residual technical work of the core design team members and the work of the specialist subcontractors with design duties.

Stage 5 Construction through to Practical Completion including Mobllisation.

Stage 6 Deals with activities associated with the issue of the Practical Completion Certificate and handover of the building through to issue of the Final Certificate, and includes activities associated with soft landings including post occupancy evaluations.

Stage 7 This stage covers the building in use, performance monitoring, updating of project information and long term project feedback activities until the end of the buildings life.

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