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Fees and Appointment

Fees are based on full or part RIBA architect services as outlined below, see also section outlining work stages.

For medium and larger sized projects, fees are based on a percentage of total net construction cost. Typically this would fall within a range of 4% to 10% for projects below £350k. Fees for projects of £350k and above can be further negotiated.

For passivhaus, and other consultancy work/small commissions, fees can be calculated on an hourly basis.

As a guide, hourly rates will be charged in the region of £50.00 per hour depending on complexity and type of work. Hourly rates are calculated to the nearest quarter of an hour.

There are variations on traditional fee agreements such as lump sum calculations and bonus fees which can be explored further if relevant and applicable. Fees can be agreed for different stages of the project based on the RIBA Plan of Works, for example an agreed fee for progressing the project to the submission of a planning application, and then agreeing a separate fee for taking the project further into detailed design, contract administration etc.

As a rough guide, generally up to 30% of fees will be incurred for the design stage, and a further 30% for progressing a scheme to tender stage. The remainder of fees will be spent on contract administration of the building project.

We typically issue invoices on a monthly basis unless otherwise agreed. Payment within 28 days, with interest payable on outstanding fees. We are not currently VAT Registered.

Expenses are calculated as follows ;

Car Travel .....................................£0.45/mile

Printing……..................................At Cost

Disbursments ;

Statutory fees etc, will be charged at cost.

Conditions of Appointment

Typically we would use the current Standard Form of Agreement for the Appointment of an Architect, which would include a schedule of Fees and Expenses and a Schedule of Role Specifications and Schedule of Design Services. For smaller projects the RIBA Domestic Contract may be appropriate, for very small projects a self contained letter of appointment may suffice.


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